Monday, July 21, 2008


I was asked by ABT-NY to remove all photos from the blog.  I'm trying to work with them in order to get the necessary permissions to make these photos available to parents and students.  I will let you know what their final decision is as soon as I know.

Kelly Gottesman

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday/Friday Reminders

There will be no checking-out of students on Thursday night. You are more than welcome to visit your student on the first floor of the dorms.

If your student is staying in the dorms Friday night but you would like to take them out, same procedures as weekend check-outs must be followed. Please call the ABT Office before Wednesday, 5pm eastern standard time.

Move-out and Check-out of ABT resident students does not begin until Friday 6-8:30pm. No excepections.

Non-ABT Residents will not be permitted past the front lobby of the dorms until check-out.

Check-Out Procedures

Friday night check-out:

If you're planning on your child spending the night with you at a hotel on Friday, then you must check-out of the South Residence Hall and remove all belongings on Friday after the 4PM performance. Please be patient and allow ample time for check-out. The child has to check-out with their Chaperone and the residence hall staff.

Saturday check-out:

If students are checking out of the South Residence Hall on Saturday they will have go through the check-out procedures on Saturday. Please be patient and allow ample time for check-out. The child has to check-out with their Chaperone and the residence hall staff.

Transportation after the performance:
After the 4PM performance on Friday, July 20th, all students must ride the ABT-DSI buses from the Detroit Opera House back to South Residence Hall with their Chaperone and group. Students are not permitted to ride with their parents, family, etc. to the dorms. Parents that wish to check out their children can meet them at South Residence Hall.

Dinner on Friday with your child:
If you plan to take your child out for dinner following the 4PM performance you must return them to the dorms by 9pm and follow the standard check-out procedures. Remember that the child must be picked up at the South Residence Hall. Please take this into consideration when making your dinner reservation.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Final Performance Driving & Parking

This Friday, July 18th, is the ABT-DSI Final Performance at the Detroit Opera House. Along with this important event, the annual Warped Tour Concert Series Festival will be taking place.

Because of this, some roads will be closed off and could make it a difficult drive to the Opera House. Please plan accordingly, leave a little earlier than usual, and make sure you have your route planned!

Parking is available in the Opera House Parking Center:
Directions to the Opera House

The following roads will be closed during the ABT-DSI Final Performance/Warped Tour from 10:00am- 9:00pm:

· Montcalm between Woodward Avenue and Brush
· Two lanes of Brush between Adams and Montcalm
· Two lanes of Adams between Witherell and Brush
· One lane of the I-75 service drive between Woodward and Brush
· All lanes of Witherell
· Elizabeth between Witherell and Woodward

Friday, July 11, 2008

Door Contest

FIRST Place Room 612 for uniqueness, creativity, and overall appeal

Special Award for the most use of trees!

Second Place Room 509 for great detail including the Beach Boys music
playing once we arrived to judge.

Special Award - Most Items Used! 609

Thank you for participating!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


The link will only be active during the Talent Show.

Yes, that's right we're broadcasting the Annual ABT-DSI Student Talent Show. The show starts at 2:30PM EST, Sunday, July 13. You will need the latest QuickTime Player. Click on the QT image above to download the latest free player.


Launch QuickTime > Go to File > Choose open URL in new player > enter rtsp:// in the URL field > select OK.

If you already have the latest QuickTime player then click on the "rtsp" hyperlink above or the image below and QuickTime will automatically upload the live broadcast.
Note: Be sure that QuickTime is set as your default player.