Monday, July 14, 2008

Final Performance Driving & Parking

This Friday, July 18th, is the ABT-DSI Final Performance at the Detroit Opera House. Along with this important event, the annual Warped Tour Concert Series Festival will be taking place.

Because of this, some roads will be closed off and could make it a difficult drive to the Opera House. Please plan accordingly, leave a little earlier than usual, and make sure you have your route planned!

Parking is available in the Opera House Parking Center:
Directions to the Opera House

The following roads will be closed during the ABT-DSI Final Performance/Warped Tour from 10:00am- 9:00pm:

· Montcalm between Woodward Avenue and Brush
· Two lanes of Brush between Adams and Montcalm
· Two lanes of Adams between Witherell and Brush
· One lane of the I-75 service drive between Woodward and Brush
· All lanes of Witherell
· Elizabeth between Witherell and Woodward


Susie's Parents said...

I'm not familiar with Detroit.
Can someone provide easy directions from the Holiday Express to the Opera House.
OR... is it possible, and easier, to take the people mover?
Thanks for any advice.

Anonymous said...

This is very helpful; thank you. There's nothing more frustrating than unexpectedly finding roads closed when you have somewhere important to go and a tight schedule!

Anonymous said...

Is there a reception after the show(s), and is lunch and dinner provided for the dancers that day?

kellygman said...

No reception planned. Yes, lunch and dinner will be provided on Friday.

MDobbs said...

The Opera House is a 1/2 mile from the Holiday Inn Express- walking would be the easiest thing to do especially with the Warped Tour concert occurring at the same time. Someone at the hotel will be able to give you easy walking directions to the Opera House.