Sunday, June 22, 2008

On our way!

All present and accounted for. We hope your travel home was safe. Rest assure, we will take great care of your children.

ABT-DSI '08 Staff


Linda Jaffe said...

Thanks for the fast post. I appreciate it alot.

Robin Vest said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you took to make sure my daughter and the other girls that she was traveling with got picked up safely from the airport!! With the terrible day of travel, they were met with smiling faces and helping hands. Thank you again!!

Jeffrey C. Sousa said...

Orientation was very resourceful and informative..even as a chaperone. Thanks for everyone's hard work.

kellygman said...

Robin, Gratis to my airport chaperones, in your case Tiffany and Craig.

Jeff, you win for being the first chaperone to post to the blog. One free men's class.